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When you wanna say something.
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Tell us what you wanna say

This community is for telling people anything you wanna say. That means anything from what kind of ice cream you like to she is just so amazing. You can even tell us about your rude in-laws or silly pets. Anything and everything can be posted in here if you follow the rules.


1. You can say anything you want to as long as it is not mean spirited to the people in this community. If you don't agree with someone, just say that and move on. There is no need for people to verbally abuse each other here. If you do comment something that is found rude to the poster it will be deleted and if you continue to comment abuse, you will be banned. But I don't want to do that so if you come here play nice and don't make me come back there!

2. You can tell us everything your mind contains, but if it is larger than 15 to 20 lines long, please use a lj cut. If you don't know how to then go here or here and learn how.

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